You have probably gotten accustomed to driving the car you leased. When the lease ends, however, you have to make choices about what to do next. You might want to think of the options you have, so you can decide what to do after the lease has expired.

Among the most reasonable options you may have is to get an extension for your lease, getting the extension allows you to have adequate time to decide what to do with the car after the lease. You could also decide to return the vehicle, or move onto something completely new.

Make sure you examine the vehicle's condition when your lease is ending. If it's in good shape, you can finalize the process by paying the termination cost and other expenses that may be required for this process. You may also consider purchasing the leased vehicle and owning it wholly.

To learn more about the end lease process, get in touch with Alan Jay Kia in Sebring, FL. Our staff can educate you on your options.

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