Headlights provide your car with complete visibility to make evening and nighttime driving safe for both the driver and passengers. When your headlights are in perfect working order, they enable the driver to have a large viewing area to see the road in front and even enough light to see the sides of the road. This helps drivers make predictions (such as cars on side of road or animals leaping from wooded areas).

It is often overlooked that the main function of headlights are not only for drivers to have complete visibility but also headlights provide enough bright lights to allow drivers to be seen by other vehicles. Having the ability to see other drivers while driving at night allows drivers to have a much better reaction time if needed.

Headlight maintenance is pretty simple and easy. Make sure bulbs aren't burned out and do a monthly check to make sure there are no cracks or damage to the lenses themselves. If you see anything questionable, it is important to have this looked at.

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